Workstation of the future: projected augmented reality work instructions in manufacturing

Projected augmented reality - free webinar picture

During this webinar we will show why projected augmented reality work instructions are the future in manufacturing.   With our Operator Guidance Platform we transform any workstation into a digital and interactive environment by: Guiding your operator with Augmented Reality instructions Validating your operations with our embedded smart-sensor Integrating your eco system to create smarter workstations Converting your manual […]

Augmented reality work instructions for manual assembly

Since you’ve come across this website, chances are you are in the manufacturing industry and you are considering to digitize your workstations. Congratulations, you have taken the first and most important step! You might still have many open questions, and the answers to a lot of them depend on your exact use case. But after […]

How digital work instructions and operator independence can go hand in hand

Digital work instructions are at the core of our platform. Although they are very powerful, they also come with some challenges that often remain underexposed. In this ebook, we shed some light on what those challenges are and how they can be tackled. Can’t wait to see our HIM in action? Plan a demo straight […]

5 Challenges in production and how to solve them

Are you also facing ever greater challenges in your manufacturing process? Do you find it difficult to focus on the right tasks to optimize your lean manufacturing? Are you constantly looking for the right balance between maximizing automation and keeping workers engaged, productive and happy? In this free ebook you will learn about 5 challenges […]

Barco – One platform for all digital work instructions

The Company Barco was founded in 1934 in the town of Poperinge, in the Flemish-speaking region of Belgium. Founder Lucien de Puydt’s initial business was to assemble radios from parts imported from the United States-hence the name of his company, the Belgium American Radio Corporation, or “Barco.” Today, Barco is a global technology leader that […]

Virtual reality on the verge of a major breakthrough

Both virtual reality (VR) and its big brother augmented reality (AR) have been enjoying the status of the next big thing for some years now. In the gaming sector, of course, but gradually also on the shop floor. While both technologies are slowly but surely conquering their place in the most diverse industrial sectors and […]

3 Trends for Adaptive Support

During this live webinar our research manager Kim Rutten will show you why Human centered production needs adaptive support systems. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Register now for our latest webinar to discover the newest trends!

Arkite has been nominated for the Deloitte’s 2020 Technology Fast 50

Arkite has been nominated for 2020 Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 competition for technology companies headquartered in Belgium and founded in Belgium. The Fast 50 award will be given to the country’s fastest-growing technology company, based on its percentage of growth in turnover during the last four years. The winning companies will be announced at the […]

How to transform your workstation into a digital and interactive environment – August 25, 10AM CEST

Our Human Interface Mate will help you in several ways to: Guide your operators with Augmented Reality Validate your operations with our embedded smart-sensor Integrate your eco-system to create smarter workstations Convert your manual operations into knowledgeable information We can help you with up to 90% error reduction and up to 80% rework reduction. Our digitized projected instructions are easy to maintain. Operators […]