Press release - New Chairman of the Board

Arkite announces new Chairman of the Board of Directors

Press release - New Chairman of the Board

To sustain the growth of the company and the further development of its Operator Guidance Platform, Arkite recently successfully completed a capital increase. During this exercise, Arkite also decided to strengthen its board of directors with Dirk Van den Berghen. Dirk has been appointed as the new Executive Chairman of the Board. In this role, he will replace Martin De Prycker, who will remain member of the Board.


“I am very happy to get Dirk’s  expertise on board. I am convinced he will support us in strengthening the company strategy for the upcoming years and successfully lead Arkite towards the next phase of its growth.”

Johan Smeyers, CEO

Dirk Van den Berghen has a unique track record in senior executive management in high tech industries such as telecom and software.

Since 2016, Dirk was the CEO of OTN Systems, a supplier of Telecom equipment focused on Industrial Network applications. Under his leadership, the company doubled its business, securing strong financial returns. Previously, Dirk also served as President and COO of the simulation and testing solutions provider LMS International, and had an international career in several senior management positions at telecom giant Alcatel.

“I am very pleased to join the Arkite team as executive chairman. Its innovative portfolio makes Arkite the ideal partner for the introduction of Augmented Reality in manufacturing plants as they seek to further support effectiveness of operators – while substantially boosting overall product quality. I have no doubt that Arkite is becoming a key partner for customers across the globe as they get ready for industry 4.0”

Dirk Van den Berghen

About Arkite

Arkite is a Belgian company specialized in the development of augmented reality software. It has developed a state-of-the-art operator guidance system that provides real-time digital instructions on the workstation via augmented reality, and automatically validates manual operations. The goal is to avoid errors and thus optimize industrial performance.

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