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These companies are using the Human Interface mate to guide their operators with manufacturing operations.

CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial is a global leader in the capital goods sector that, through its various businesses, designs, produces and sells agricultural and construction equipment, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses and specialty vehicles, in addition to a broad portfolio of power train applications. 

For the production of rotor combines CNH Industrial was looking for a solution to support complex standard operating procedures (SOP). The operators needs to follow a process of placing 72 screws in sequence with 3 different torques. Arkite guides the operator by means of visual instructions. By linking the Arkite platform with automation, tools will only work at the right sequence, at the right position and with the according torque. If the operator wants to use the tool at the wrong time or position, the tool will be disabled.

Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars is a Swedish luxury vehicles company that manufactures and markets sport utility vehicles, station wagons and compact executive sedans.

For the V60 Rapgard line, Volvo Cars Gent was looking for a solution to support both picking and assembly of critical components. Operators need to place a multitude of plugs into the frame of the car. These steps are prone to human errors due to the number of placement locations and the number and variety of plugs that need to be placed. Multiple Arkite 3D sensors are validating the correct execution of picking and assembly tasks and ensures qualitative performance by preventing human errors. The Arkite workstations have been integrated with the line PLC to allow a line stop if critical issues would arise.

Atlas Copco

The Atlas Copco Group is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions and serves customers in 180+ countries with products and services focused on productivity, energy efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

Atlas Copco was looking for a solution to support the operator during his complex manual assembly. A solution that eliminates wrong or missing components due to picking or assembly errors. The process contains a certain degree of freedom for the operator, leading to a higher risk for human errors. The objective for Atlas Copco was reducing the amount of faulty products. Arkite tackled the issues mentioned, while introducing a new methodology to on board new employees by its easy and efficient training capabilities. 

Dorel & Senzer

Dorel is leader in high quality, safe and fashionable juvenile products such as Maxi-Cosi, Bébé Comfort and Quinny. Their outsourcing partner, Senzer, member of Cedris, is a social enterprise that provides work opportunities for operators with an increased distance to the labor market.

Arkite’s platform enables more efficient production and a qualitative validation of execution while integrating with the existing work environment. Furthermore, operators develop skills faster and are able to successfully complete more complex assemblies thanks to the Arkite guidance. It’s the ultimate operator guidance system. 


The Webasto Group is one of the 100 leading automotive suppliers worldwide. As world market leader in sunroof solutions, Webasto offers the broadest product range of high quality roof systems for automotive manufacturers. From large-area panorama roofs with versatile additional features, and classic sunroofs through to convertible roofs.

To improve the quality of the priming process of the sunroofs, Webasto used the Arkite platform to guide the operator with visual instructions. By integrating the Arkite workstation with the PLC, the operator gets custom instructions depending on the roof type. Arkite also validates the correct execution of priming and assembly tasks and ensures qualitative performance by preventing human errors. A virtual checklist is being generated to visually support the operator and to log relevant quality data per sunroof.


Alro Group coats a wide range of metal and plastic components. Their customer database includes almost all  well-known names in the automobile and other industries. Millions of vehicles in day-to-day traffic have metal and plastic products coated by the Alro Group.

They were searching for a solution to optimize the quality and efficiency of the drilling and assembly station for the assembly of the Mercedes G-class bumper. Specifically the drilling process for the license plates was prone to human error. With Arkite’s Human Interface Mate (HIM) the operator is supported with visual instructions on the workstation and the bumper itself. If a drilling error is about to take place, the HIM intervenes real-time and warns operator instantaneously to avoid the mistake. During the bumper assembly process, all necessary human actions are verified by the HIM, before the expedition report is printed out.


Benteler operates worldwide in the fields of automotive technology, steel and tube production, engineering and distribution.

Benteler was looking for a solution to support both assembly and picking of critical components for its multiple product variants. The HIM is first of all supporting the picking process of the heat shield, the floor shield and the shackles. On top of the support provided while assembling these parts, the operator is also provided with a virtual checklist of the arm, the link and the protective cover in its correct position, preventing potential damage on further stations. The HIM unit has been integrated with the Siemens S7 line PLC to allow a line stop if critical issues would arise. All process steps are logged to support Benteler having full traceability. 


Petersime provides world leading incubator and hatchery equipment aligned with the expertise and support to maximize return on investment.

Petersime was looking for a solution to support the operator during the assembly of an I/O module. The solution provides highly precise augmented reality projections on the workbench. The systems make it easier for new operators to perform complex tasks with a high variability. The HIM increases customer quality by reducing picking and assembly errors. An additional benefit of the HIM for Petersime is its capability to train new operators.

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