What arkite stands for.

Who we are.

We are a scale-up operating out of Limburg in Belgium, and we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of augmented reality. As such, we are revolutionizing manual assembly lines in a variety of industries by creating cutting-edge software that makes work instructions come to life.

We are a young and dynamic team that is always on the move. We are quick to adapt and we are not afraid to take on challenges. When things need to get done, we are the ones who make it happen.

Our passion for technology is matched only by our passion for creating innovative solutions that drive results. We are a team that works hard and we are always looking for new ways to level up.

If you are looking for a team that is ready to take the industry by storm, you have found us. Let us change the game together!

Our team is ready to make the manual assembly Industry more efficient, accurate and user-friendly with the use of Augmented Reality. We are bringing the future of work instructions to the present, and we are doing it with style. So, let us build the next level of manual assembly together!

“We are immensely proud of our collaboration with Arkite. Over the years of dedicated effort, this partnership has enabled us to discover innovative approaches for integrating technology into assembly processes. Above all, we highly appreciate Arkite’s exceptional human resources, who have demonstrated not only their impressive technical prowess but also their unwavering commitment to teamwork and collective learning throughout this journey.”


“Arkite provides us with an exciting opportunity to engage UK manufacturers with an innovative product that can truly improve their quality and productivity. The Arkite team support our activities here in the UK as partners, ensuring can all exploit the opportunity.”

The Sempre Group
United Kingdom

“Arkite is an outstanding group of professionals that always respond with competence and sense of urgency in any situation. Customers feel in good hand because they know that someone at Arkite will either prevent or solve their issues.”

Angiolini Consulting
Rimas official partner from Arkite

“We see a need in the manufacturing industry to digitize manual processes. Our clients want to be able to real-time monitor, control and trace manual processes so that they can switch faster and optimize production costs. Through the collaboration with Arkite, Rimas is even better able to meet this need. Arkite Platform has opened many doors for us in the past 2 years and has further strengthened our image as an “assembly specialist”.

The Netherlands

Guiding your work with Augmented Reality.

Manufacturers across the globe have been making important investments in the automation of their manufacturing plants. These smart factories are getting equipped with advanced sensors, embedded software and robotics, while collecting and analyzing relevant data for better decision making.

Despite this continuous drive for further automatization, manual workstations will remain essential in most manufacturing plants. At Arkite we recognize that these workbenches also deserve a major upgrade as current practices are often based on outdated technologies, substantially hampering desired efficiency – and quality improvements.

Our Arkite Operator Guidance Platform transforms workstations into a digital and interactive environment with Augmented Reality. This transformation enables substantial process improvements, boosting the operator’s efficiency and output quality. It facilitates onboarding of new employees in a constrained labour market where lack of experience and language barriers often remain a big obstacle… We help management to identify and customize the most promising use cases for the deployment of augmented reality toe the manual workstations of their manufacturing plant(s) as a key enabler in their journey towards industry 4.0. Arkite and its local certified partners are providing all necessary services including project management, training, documentation and engineering support to secure a seamless autonomation of manual workbenches, tailored to your specific industry.
At Arkite we are on a mission to support customers throughout the process of introducing and successfully deploying our ground-breaking technology. We provide modular software for the GUIDANCE of manual manufacturing operations with process and/or product VALIDATION using different sensors and smart tools.

This Operator Guidance platform is:

  • Smart by providing intelligent detections and process steps.
  • Integrated with the factory IT Systems
  • Contactless and easy to install, configure, use, maintain, adapt and scale…

At Arkite, we are strongly inspired by several UN sustainable development goals. Our platform facilitates a qualitative and effective education of employees (goal 4), a decent work environment at manual workbenches – substantially contributing to economic growth (goal 8) and last but not least, the Arkite platform represents a substantial opportunity for the innovation of millions of manual workbenches across the globe (goal 9).

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