Guiding your work with augmented reality.

Plan a demo

Can’t wait to see our Platform in action? Plan a demo using our calendar for a time that best suits you.

During this demo we will show you how you can transform your work station into a digital and interactive environment. Helping you with up to 90% error reduction and up to 80% rework reduction.

What to expect
during this demo?

When you plan a demo with an Arkite consultant you will get our undivided attention during an hour long 1-on-1 video call. You, your team and the Arkite consultant will be the only people in the meeting.

We kick off our demo session with a short introduction. Both from Arkite’s side as well as yours. After the introductions have been made the real work starts. 

At our offices we built an extensive demo room with 3 fully equipped workstations & recording equipment. This allows us to show you a full physical assembly process. The consultant you’re meeting with will adjust the demo to your industry. Whether it’s manual assembly, using power tools or working with complex PCBs: we can handle it! We’ll tailor the demo specifically to your use case.

Lastly we dive into Arkite’s software that powers the augmented reality projections. Together we’ll build a project as if it were for your own workstations. In a matter of minutes we’ll set up a fully functional project.

Yes, our software is that intuitive and easy to use.

To summarise
  1. Introductions
  2. Real-time physical demo of the augmented reality projections (assembly process adjusted to your industry)
  3. Deep-dive into Arkite’s software, where we create a project as if it were for your own workstation

Improve your
manual operations
with better
and reliability


error reduction


rework reduction


reduce training time