Aerospace, aviation and military solutions.

Tailored Operator Guidance for the Aerospace, Aviation and Military Industry

  • Guiding operators through complex and highly technical processes with Augmented Reality
  • Implementing quality control and full traceability
  • Optimizing production output through standardization and waste reduction
  • Training skilled operators to manage workforce challenges

The Aerospace Industry has seen significant changes

The aerospace industry is a vast and complex field that encompasses a wide range of activities, from the design and manufacture of aircrafts and spacecrafts to the operation and maintenance of these vehicles.

The industry is divided into two main segments: commercial and military, which are both dominated by a few large companies, supported by many suppliers such as engine manufacturers, avionics suppliers as well as maintenance and repair providers.

Aerospace manufacturing demands continuous innovation

The manufacturing of aerospace products is a complex and highly technical process that involves a wide range of specialized equipment and skilled personnel. The industry requires extensive testing and quality control measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the finished products.

Throughout this entire manufacturing process, rigorous quality control measures are therefore in place to ensure that the finished product meets all performance standards. This requirement forces suppliers to further increase investments in quality and part traceability.


It commands all industry players to optimize production efficiency, while reducing waste and costs. These ambitions need to be realized in a constraint labour market which is confronted with a dramatic turnover of people and a continuous challenge of recruiting skilled personnel.

Therefore, aerospace manufacturers and supplier alike will have to revolutionize the way they manufacture, improve and distribute their products. They have to integrate new technologies into their production facilities throughout their operations. They will also have to improve the efficiency and quality of the variety of tasks, still to be performed by manual operators, through the provision of a well-controlled, standardized environment. This is where Arkite steps in!

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Customers who already use our Arkite platform

PCB assembly
for usage in aerospace applications

  • Barcode scanner integration for selecting product variants
  • Full Traceability through connectivity with Oracle backbone
  • Paperless environment through digital AR work instructions
  • Smart Tool Integration
  • On-the-job training of operators

Arkite's operator guidance platform was installed at a manufacturer of communication modules or the International Space Station (ISS), consisting of printed circuit boards. The manual assembly of these modules is characterized by a high complexity, long cycle times, a high number of variants and a low volume per product variant.

The Arkite system guides the operator step by step in the picking and assembly process with digital Augmented Reality instructions projected in real-time on the workstation or the product itself.

It is fully integrated into the customers IT eco-system.

Arkite’s Operator Guidance platform transforms your manual workstations into a digital environment by deploying Augmented Reality.
It will give you the control and insights to efficiently steer and optimize your manual assembly processes.

Other industries

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