Flexible production.

Dealing with flexible product lines through Operator Guidance

  • Support operators with product specific step-by-step instructions, projected on the workbench
  • Manage instructions for several product variants in one location
  • Select product variants, for example through barcode scanner integration
  • Easy integration with MES/ERP systems


Creating a flexible production

How do production companies keep up with constantly changing customer demands and market conditions? How do they switch quickly and easily between products and/or product lines? How can operators keep up with the multiple variants which the need for customization brings to the shop floor? How can they make sure that not only senior operators are capable of performing complex assembly tasks? All these challenges create the need for a flexible production.

Arkite’s Operator Guidance platform helps operators with step-by-step AR (Augmented Reality) projected work instructions. Our platform is not only giving instructions at the right time at the right place, but also warns the operator when he/she is doing something wrong. By scanning a barcode or through an integration with the company’s MES/ERP system, the operator doesn’t have to worry about building the wrong variant or performing the wrong step. The Arkite platform will guide the operator with step- by-step instructions in text, image and/or video at all times.

These step-by-step instructions are easy to program and maintain in our software. No coding skills are required to do so. After a two-day training session, our customers are ready to start programming their own work instructions. Furthermore, the Arkite platform comes with a server-client architecture which makes it possible to program and maintain your work instructions without being present on the shop floor.

Guiding Operators at Barco

  • Guiding highly complex assembly tasks with augmented reality projections
  • Supporting a wide range product variants
  • Drastically reducing scrap and rework through error prevention
  • Integration with SAP ME
  • Reduction of Operator Training with more than 50%
Petersime production line with operator guidance by Arkite

At Barco, assembly processes are very complicated. Moreover, at the same workstation, up to 14 different product variants can be assembled. This results in a steep learning curve. It takes a lot of training for an operator to become fully operational. Even with experienced operators, there is still a significant amount of scrap and rework required.

Barco was therefore looking for a solution to guide their operators through these complex assembly processes and to reduce scrap, rework and training time.

Arkite’s Operator Guidance platform transforms your manual workstations into a digital environment by deploying Augmented Reality.
It will give you the control and insights to efficiently steer and optimize your manual assembly processes.

Other solutions

Arkite’s Operator Guidance platform can help you find an answer to the challenges that arise in today’s highly competitive market. By deploying Augmented Reality on your factory floor, you transform your manual workstations into a digital and interactive environment that allows you to efficiently transfer knowledge to your operators. Thanks to the seamless integration in your company’s ecosystem, our platform will also provide you with the required information to optimize your assembly process.

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Our partners talk

“We are immensely proud of our collaboration with Arkite. Over the years of dedicated effort, this partnership has enabled us to discover innovative approaches for integrating technology into assembly processes. Above all, we highly appreciate Arkite’s exceptional human resources, who have demonstrated not only their impressive technical prowess but also their unwavering commitment to teamwork and collective learning throughout this journey.”


“Arkite provides us with an exciting opportunity to engage UK manufacturers with an innovative product that can truly improve their quality and productivity. The Arkite team support our activities here in the UK as partners, ensuring can all exploit the opportunity.”

The Sempre Group
United Kingdom

“Arkite is an outstanding group of professionals that always respond with competence and sense of urgency in any situation. Customers feel in good hand because they know that someone at Arkite will either prevent or solve their issues.”

Angiolini Consulting
Rimas official partner from Arkite

“We see a need in the manufacturing industry to digitize manual processes. Our clients want to be able to real-time monitor, control and trace manual processes so that they can switch faster and optimize production costs. Through the collaboration with Arkite, Rimas is even better able to meet this need. Arkite Platform has opened many doors for us in the past 2 years and has further strengthened our image as an “assembly specialist”.

The Netherlands