Arkite introduces GUIDE

Arkite Guide license

In the newest release of our software, we have introduced the Arkite Guide license. This new license allows you to use the Arkite software without the Arkite 3D sensor, at a reduced price.

With an Arkite Guide license, the Arkite platform consists of:

  •     A projector
  •     An industrial pc containing the Arkite software

To use the Arkite software with our 3D sensor, you still need an Arkite Validate license.

Is Arkite Guide something for you?

If your main concern is guiding your operators by providing them with real-time work instructions, and quality assurance is of secondary importance to you, then Arkite Guide might be your best option.


Arkite Guide licenses can also be used in combination with Arkite Validate licenses on one production line. For example, you can equip workstations with an Arkite Validate License, if the quality assurance of your processes are critical to achieve your quality standards. On top of that, you can equip other workstations with an Arkite Guide license, if guiding your operators with only projected work instructions is sufficient.


Since the software is the same for both license types, projects can easily be maintained and shared between workstations with an Arkite Guide license and projects with an Arkite Validate license.


Due to the absence of the 3D sensor, Arkite will not be able to validate a correct execution of picking and assembly tasks and prevent human errors.
However, all features for which the 3D sensor is not required are available with an Arkite Guide license:

  • Operator guidance with real-time picking and assembly instructions through projected Augmented Reality
  • Smart Tool integration
  • Connectivity with external devices such as barcode scanners or PLC’s
  • Support of Product Variants
  • Support of Experience Level
  • Use of the Arkite API


Contact our sales team at for more information and a detailed offer regarding our Arkite Guide license.

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