MAKE LAB brings Industrial 4.0-technology to businesses

MAKE LAB Brings Industrial 4.0-Technology To Businesses

Businesses in the manufacturing industry now have acces to MAKE LAB. This is a mobile research lab, where companies explore new technologies and the coöperation between humans and robots.

Companies can test how a robot works side-by-side with a person, discover the added value of Virtual and Augmented Reality in a production environment, what a smart workstation can look like and measure whether a task is too heavy or not is.

With this, Flanders Make supports Flemish companies to further develop their production and innovate on the production floor, so that they can produce faster and better and stay ahead of their foreign competitors.

Urbain Vandeurzen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Flanders Make: “Digitization of the industry (Industry 4.0) is more than a technological (r) evolution. The switch to a “mass customization economy” of personalized, smart and connected products means that companies must fundamentally review their role, business model, but also their production apparatus and organization. “

Dirk Torfs, CEO of Flanders Make: “With this mobile laboratory, we offer companies a co-creation environment where they, together with knowledge institutions, will set production trends for the factories of the future.”

The MAKE LAB is part of a large infrastructure project from Flanders Make. In addition, between 2016 and 2018, 5 million euros will be invested in a living lab infrastructure that helps companies to bring new products to market faster through co-creation and encourages knowledge enhancement through collaboration.

The laboratory simulates an ultramodern production environment. Although robots occupy an important place, humans are also central. The intention is not only to introduce companies to new technologies for better production, but also to technologies that support the operator.

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