Operator Guidance

Guiding operators with projected augmented reality work instructions. 


One platform for all your manufacturing operations

Arkite transforms workstations into a digital and interactive environment by:

digital work instructions

The ultimate operator guidance platform

Projected AR

Arkite enriches the physical workbench with a digital overlay. By means of a projector, it highlights the relevant work area and projects related text and image instructions.

Digital work instructions

Digital work instructions allow you to standardize your assembly process and get rid of printed procedures and manuals. This way, you can provide your operators with the support they need, without suppressing their independence.

Sensor validation

The sensor verifies the presence of all components and tools at their expected location. It also validates whether all required actions in the assembly process are executed correctly and in the right sequence.

Experience Levels

The Experience level functionality allows you to customize your project and change its behavior based on the operator’s level of experience. 

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Connected Workstation: Interactive, ergonomic and modular

EASe of use

Custom instructions


workforce empowerment

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