Arkite and Bosch Rexroth France signed a partnership

Bosch Rexroth and Arkite partnership

Bosch Rexroth France joins forces with Belgian company Arkite to develop the connected workstation of the future   Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, Bosch Rexroth supports all companies in their industrial challenges. Its strength: simplifying the transformation of production systems to increase productivity and efficiency. In this context, Bosch Rexroth France is collaborating with the Belgian company […]

Augmented reality work instructions for manual assembly

Arkite Operator Guidance Platform - Projected Augmented Reality - Bosch Partner

Digital Work Instructions and why you should choose for Augmented Reality to implement them Since you’ve come across this website, chances are great you are in the manufacturing industry and you are considering to digitize your workstations. Congratulations, you have taken the first and most important step! You might still have many open questions, and […]

Virtual reality on the verge of a major breakthrough

Both virtual reality (VR) and its big brother augmented reality (AR) have been enjoying the status of the next big thing for some years now. In the gaming sector, of course, but gradually also on the shop floor. While both technologies are slowly but surely conquering their place in the most diverse industrial sectors and […]

How Digital Work Instructions and Operator Independence can go hand in hand


Arkite’s operator guidance platform transforms workstations into a digital and interactive environment by: Guiding your operator with real-time picking and assembly instructions through augmented reality (AR) Validating your operations with our embedded smart-sensor Integrating your eco-system to create smarter workstations Converting your manual operations into knowledgeable information Digital work instructions are at the core of […]