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The next generation of workstations: smart, efficient and ergonomic.

The next generation of workstations: smart, efficient & Ergonomic. Join us on March 2nd at 2 p.m. CET  for our exclusive webinar on “The Next Generation of Workstations: Smart, Efficient, Ergonomic” supported by Arkite.  Discover how our operator guidance platform, featuring augmented reality work instructions and smart sensors, can create an economic environment for operators […]

Arkite announces new Chairman of the Board of Directors

Press release - New Chairman of the Board

To sustain the growth of the company and the further development of its Operator Guidance Platform, Arkite recently successfully completed a capital increase. During this exercise, Arkite also decided to strengthen its board of directors with Dirk Van den Berghen. Dirk has been appointed as the new Executive Chairman of the Board. In this role, […]

Arkite introduces GUIDE

Arkite Guide license In the newest release of our software, we have introduced the Arkite Guide license. This new license allows you to use the Arkite software without the Arkite 3D sensor, at a reduced price. With an Arkite Guide license, the Arkite platform consists of:     A projector     An industrial pc containing the Arkite software To use the Arkite […]

Arkite and Bosch Rexroth France signed a partnership

Bosch Rexroth and Arkite partnership

Bosch Rexroth France joins forces with Belgian company Arkite to develop the connected workstation of the future   Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, Bosch Rexroth supports all companies in their industrial challenges. Its strength: simplifying the transformation of production systems to increase productivity and efficiency. In this context, Bosch Rexroth France is collaborating with the Belgian company […]

Arkite expands its presence on the international market

Het Genkse groeibedrijf Arkite heeft een veelbelovende samenwerking afgesloten met het Franse Bosch Rexroth. Meer concreet gaat de multinational de technologie van Arkite (die ervoor zorgt dat operatoren in productielijnen minder fouten maken) integreren in zijn aanbod. Zo kan de Genkse innovatie indirect zijn weg vinden naar de Franse, en zelfs naar de wereldmarkt. Bosch […]

Augmented reality work instructions for manual assembly

Arkite Operator Guidance Platform - Projected Augmented Reality - Bosch Partner

Digital Work Instructions and why you should choose for Augmented Reality to implement them Since you’ve come across this website, chances are great you are in the manufacturing industry and you are considering to digitize your workstations. Congratulations, you have taken the first and most important step! You might still have many open questions, and […]

PCB assembly guidance in manufacturing

The project Our customer is an international design and manufacturing company with over 50 years of experience in designing, building and delivering technology innovation, supply chain and manufacturing solutions. They are active in many industries such as automotive, healthcare and communications. With a presence across 30 countries, they employ over 150 000 people. The Arkite […]

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